Custom Grain and Seed

Established in 2000 as Custom Grain Cleaning, Custom Grain & Seed began as a small grain cleaning facility to serve local farmers in the Lignite, Landon, Mandan, Butte, Hettinger, Keene, Minot, N.D. area. In 2012, Custom Grain Cleaning rebranded to Custom Grain & Seed. In doing so, efforts were expanded into canola, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, peas, beans and specialty crops. As well as expanding the crop selection, Custom Grain & Seed also now offers seed treatments, inoculants and biologicals. Custom Grain & Seed has expanded from serving Langdon to serving the entire Midwest with locations in - Lignite, Landon, Mandan, Butte, Hettinger, Keene, Minot, ND.

Large or small, we have grain cleaning capacity to handle all sizes of seed cleaning needs. We specialize in large-scale cleaning and seed treatments for various crops, including custom blend fungicide and insecticide combinations.

We are a North Dakota Certified Grain Conditioning facility with multiple bulk retail locations throughout Midwestern North Dakota.

Jim Johnson:

Jim received his M.S. from SDSU in Agronomy/Plant Breeding. He has 25+ years of expertise in the seed industry, working with major ag companies (e.g., Syngenta, Monsanto, Cargill, Pioneer, DuPont, Advanta, Interstate Seed). Jim also owns and operates Star Specialty Seed, a regional seed brand that offers winter and spring canola.

Jim has over 30 years of experience in the sunflower industry. "I'm really looking forward to utilizing my extensive background in sunflowers to help the area grower with their various sunflower needs and challenges," said Jim. "My master's degree is in agronomy with a focus in plant breeding, specifically in sunflowers. I can help consult in any facet of sunflower production."

"I can help consult in any facet of sunflower production."
- Jim Johnson
Owner / Custom Grain & Seed

Jim visited Ukraine in 2014 with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and served as a sunflower expert while working with corporate Ukrainian farms to help streamline efficiencies in their operation. Jim is a true sunflower expert.

He also has a comprehensive background in canola. He has been involved in plant breeding and marketing for companies both big and small.

​The strength of this company is to allow growers to have access to cutting edge crop varieties developed specifically for their region, as well as access to a full menu of seed treatments, inoculatns, biologicals and grain cleaning.