Choose The Best Seed for Your Land

Ask our certified seed advisors which products are right for your area. We have trusted seed advisors in Langdon, Mandan, Keene, Minot, Lignite, & Hettinger, ND.

The best seed varieties only do as well as the ground and conditions allow. We speak the seed's language and translate that to the farmer's conditions at Custom Grain & Seed.

Whether there is a lot of rain or drought, weeds, disease, or pests. If you're a farmer, you get it...and so do we....Custom Grain & Seed has a local advisor near you who will give you sound guidance and product knowledge to maximize your yield under ALL conditions.

Contact your local trusted seed advisor for a consultation today. Our trusted seed advisors are located in Langdon, Mandan, Keene, Minot, Lignite, & Hettinger, ND.

You don't have to deal with it alone. Our certified seed advisors will help you choose the right crop based on:

  • Weather conditions
  • Location
  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Your current operation
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