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Established in 2000 as a simple grain cleaning center, Custom Grain & Seed has expanded to serve even more local farmers in Langdon, Mandan, Butte, Hettinger and Minot, ND. We're proud to have grown into a full-service seed conditioning center offering a wide range of seed products.

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You can count on our full-service seed cleaning center in Langdon, ND.

We now also have a portable seed cleaner to take care of your needs anywhere.

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Custom Grain & Seed is a home grown North Dakota company with proven genetics and we don't just sell seed, we are knowledgable and trusted advisors.

When it comes to growing healthy crops, you need to start with quality seeds. At our seed centers in Langdon, Mandan, Butte, Hettinger and Minot, ND, we advise from the planning to planting stage to ensure the highest possible yield. Our certified seed advisors are experts in crop cultivation and are dedicated to your success.

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Before you start planting, make sure you're planting quality grains that will flourish in the Midwest. A certified seed advisor from Custom Grain & Seed can help you decide on the right crop for your fields.

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Our experts can tell you anything you need to know about our local products. Give us a call to discuss the best product combination for your operation.