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Our portfolio of Northern Plains genetics is bred to serve a range of different grower needs. LCS is proud to be the source farmers trust for proven wheat genetics in this diverse region.

Plant the Best with Quality Check LCS Rebel

Hard red spring wheat LCS Rebel was selected by the Wheat Quality Council as a 2019 western quality check variety - setting the standard for end-use quality for all western wheats. With its exceptional quality, plus dependable protein and top-end yield potential, LCS Rebel has been consistently outperforming market leaders in the balanced category since its debut in 2017. Visit the LCS Rebel page to learn more.

LCS Trigger - hard red spring wheat

LCS Trigger - hard red spring wheat

Pull The Trigger On Higher Yields

  • #1 YIELDER - In All 2018 NDSU and SDSU Regional Averages
  • #1 YIELDER - ​In SDSU 2-Year Eastern and Central Regional Averages
  • #1 YIELDER - In NDSU 2-Year Average In All Regions

  • Excellent straw strength
  • Heavy test weight
  • High protein-yield combination
  • Early Maturing

LCS Rebel - ​hard red spring wheat

Blaze A Trail To Higher Profits

  • Exceptionally Wide Adaptation
  • Top-End Yield Potential
  • Dependable Protein
  • Exceptional Quality Profile