Our experts take the time to select genetics and innovative traits so you can be sure you're getting the best from the beginning. When a product makes it all the way through the advancement process, that hybrid or variety has already gone through 5-6 years of local testing. It's a very rigorous process to ensure you get only the best.

These experts know how to examine, pinpoint, and address local and regional soils, climate, pests, diseases, and end-use markets. Then they put that knowledge to use, tapping the best trait technology to protect your yields from weeds and pests by using genetics that thrive in your local market.

Because our growers are positioned across very diverse regions of the country with very diverse needs, Wilbur-Ellis seed leverages genetics from truly global genetic pools. We also have partnership agreements with all trait providers as well. This combination of global genetics, elite seed technologies, and local expertise is the core of our success.